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151,129,963  kWH
as of 2/3/2017
(Burrstone Energy Center - Cogen Owned/Operated)

Burrstone Energy Center

To meet the needs of a group of neighboring institutions, Cogen developed - and owns and operates - this CHP project which provides highly efficient and reliable cogenerated energy. This is the first CHP Plant of its size in Upstate New York to export power back to utility.

Utica, New York

Utica College
St. Luke's Healthcare
St. Luke's Nursing Home

Construction Value:
$15 Million

CHP Plant Size:
3.6 MW

August 2009

Neighboring institutions Faxton-St. Luke's Healthcare, St. Luke’s Nursing Home, and Utica College recognized a mutual need for a reliable and environmentally-friendly energy source to reduce costs and capacity demands on the local utility grid. With deregulation of utilities and new opportunities for clean energy funding, developing a cogeneration microgrid serving all three became a viable solution and a groundbreaking energy project for the region.

Cogen Power Technologies set the multilayered development process in motion, facilitating communications, approvals, and decision-making with the clients, technical consultants, utilities, and government agencies. One of the biggest challenges was obtaining approval from the Public Service Commission to cross a public road to deliver power from the plant to Utica College - a lengthy 10-month process - before the project could get underway.

Today, the $15 Million Cogeneration Plant creates both heat (for the hospital) and electricity for use at all three facilities: Faxton-St. Luke’s Hospital (300 beds);  St. Luke's Nursing Home (200 beds); and Utica College (3000 students). With three 1100 kW and one 334 kW natural gas fired reciprocating engines, the plant has an output capacity of 3.6 MW of 13.2 kV electricity, 7000 lbs/hr of 85 psig Steam,  and 700 gpm of hot water, and can export excess electricity back to the utility through the hospital’s and college’s utility services.

Since 2009, the plant has generated over 86 Million kWh of electricity – exporting over 5 Million kWh back to the local utility - and produced over 100 Million lbs of steam. Cogen formulated an “Economic Dispatch Algorithm” which factors gas pricing, facility loads, maintenance costs, contract terms, and hourly National Grid and NYISO kWh pricing and export kWh rates to makes hourly decisions on how to most economically operate the plant.

The cogeneration microgrid reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 4,000 tons annually, provides power stability, reduces demand on the local utility, and saves hundreds of thousands of dollars annually in utility costs. The plant is operated by Cogen Power Technologies, who manages the day-to-day operations and maintenance; purchases commodities; and provides administration of the plant.

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