GUSC Energy Biomass CHP Plant

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GUSC Energy Biomass CHP Plant, Rome, New York


Renewable, locally-sourced wood chips fuel this 1 MW (40,000 lbs/hr of steam) biomass plant, allowing this local utility to choose from multiple fuel sources.


CHP Program ManagerCogen Power Technologies

Design-Builder: Bette & Cring

Project Designer: CHA Consulting, Inc.


The Cogen team worked with GUSC on the development of this CHP facility that provides a flexible energy system that adapts to fluctuations in the fuels markets.


The biomass CHP plant, fueled by wood chips, gives this local utility, serving a 3,500-acre Business and Tech Park, the option to choose from multiple fuel sources to stabilize costs and provide savings.


The plant features a 40,000 lbs/hr, 625 psig, wood chip biomass system; a 900 kW backpressure steam turbine and induction generator; and truck tipper.

The steam from the biomass system drives the 1 MW single stage steam turbine and is used as the base load during the heating season.

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