Cogen Power Technologies CHP Project Team

John Moynihan
John MoynihanManaging Partner
Growing up in Saratoga Springs, John developed an interest in math and science early on and it was a natural progression for him to follow in his father’s footsteps to a career in Electrical Engineering…


Peter Richardson
Peter RichardsonMechanical Systems Manager
As the son of an engineer, Pete has always been fascinated by how things work. After earning his degree in Mechanical Engineer at SUNY Buffalo and Master’s degree at Union College. Pete went on to work…


John Daley
John DaleyElectrical Systems Manager
John didn’t mean to become an engineer. After life experiences changed his original career path (and lucky for us), John capitalized on his technical aptitude and earned a Bachelor of Science degree…


Jim Day
Jim DayProject Manager
Growing up in the Syracuse area, Jim was the neighborhood kid who wanted to discover how things work – by taking things apart. He joined the United States Navy …


Nathan Barber
Nathan BarberProject Manager
For Nate, power generation is the de facto family business. Growing up in a small town in Western New York, Nate looked up to his Dad, a mechanical engineer in the power industry, …


Carissa Petras
Carissa PetrasAssistant Project Engineer
Growing up in a small town in the Mohawk Valley, Carissa looked to continue her education and career at places that gave her the same “hometown” feel…


Expertise in Design, Build and Operations

  • Qualified Multidisciplinary Team & Partners – Program Developers and Managers; Mechanical, Electrical, Structural, and Computer Engineers; Architects; Plant Operators and Plant Managers; Commissioning Professionals; and General Contractors

  • Project Experience –Since 2009, our team has worked on over 25 different CHP projects and feasibility studies. We know how to leverage our project experience to deliver the most cost effective and efficient solution.

  • Financing, Ownership, and Operation – Cogen is the 3rd party owner/operator of a 3.6 MW CHP plant that has produced over 150 Million kWhs since 2009.

  • Equipment and Subcontractors – Established relationships with the major equipment suppliers and experienced subcontractors.

  • Financial Capacity and Bonding – Our Design-Builder can fully bond this project to give stakeholders peace of mind.

  • Operational Support – We have the operations experience to insure a smooth transition of your boiler plant operators to CHP plant operators. We are willing to provide temporary or permanent operational support once the CHP plant has started commercial operations.

  • Analysis and Design – We know how to analyze your site’s energy consumption profile and identify the right size CHP plant to best meet your needs.

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