With a team of qualified and experienced personnel, Cogen has expertise to provide a comprehensive spectrum of services to guide your cogeneration project from concept to completion. Cogen’s own CHP plant operational experience is used to “Litmus Test” various feature and functions of the plant design to ensure the customer’s work force will be able to maintain and operate the plant while staying focused on their core business.


Cogen goes beyond the “traditional” design-builder role to help the host site with developing commodity procurement strategies, reviewing local utility tariffs to ensure a complete understanding by customer’s operations staff, and work with customers’ CHP operators to ensure a complete understanding of all new systems installed as part of CHP project. The additional focus on assisting the customer’s existing staff transition from boiler plant operators to CHP plant operators is what sets Cogen apart from its competition.


This integrated process is unique to the Cogen business model. In general, other cogeneration plants are developed in a more fragmented manner. Typically designed by an engineering firm, construction is then put out to bid, awarding the project to the lowest cost construction contractor. This approach raises questions – “Has the construction contractor built a CHP plant before?”; “Does the contractor knows how the CHP plant operates and what installation issues to avoid?”; “Has the designer and the constructor ever worked together?”; and “Who do I go to when a problem arises?”. With Cogen, the answers are affirmative, and we are the single point of contact.


Cogen’s application engineers bridge the gap between the design engineers, our affiliated company’s constructor managers, and finally, the handpicked subcontractor, to provide the customer the best value engineered and constructed project possible.

Our services include:

    • Construction Management

    • Operations and Ownership

    • General Construction

    • Utility/NYSERDA Coordination

    • CHP Design/Build Project Management

    • Electric Load Projection

    • Reliability Analysis

    • Electric and Natural Gas Rate Analyses and Projections

    • Environmental Compliance & Permitting Services

    • Thermal Load Analysis

    • Natural Gas Pipeline Planning and Design

    • Electric Utility Infrastructure Planning and Design

    • CHP System Design

    • Electrical Distribution System Design

    • HVAC System Design

    • Equipment Siting

    • Equipment Lease Analysis

    • Third Party O & M Contract Administration