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CHP Feasibility

Cogeneration Plant at Union CollegeCombined Heat and Power or CHP Feasibility Study is done to determine if CHP will provide the financial, operational, and environmental benefits our customers desire. Our team begins by gathering the historical energy use of the campus.


Evaluating Existing Conditions

In addition, we assess existing conditions, evaluate electric and natural gas utility tariffs, work with local and state agencies to determine if financial subsidies are available to offset capital and or operational costs. We also determine the operational staff perspectives on any existing boiler/chiller/electric plant issues the CHP installation could address. Once this information has been obtained the preliminary design portion of the CHP Feasibility Study begins.


Design and Savings Analysis

After developing the base design, the start of a savings analysis is initiated to illustrate how the proposed system can decrease site energy usage, greenhouse gases, and utilities spending for the customer. The development of the savings analysis is the final requirement to determine the size of the CHP Plant, and to allow us to commence with the cost estimate.


Estimate Project Cost

Our team is efficiently estimates the project cost by leveraging existing relationships with major equipment suppliers and MEP contractors, as well as incorporating experience on estimating projects of similar technologies and size. Once the cost is understood, a series of financial assessments (NPV, Simple Payback, etc.) are initiated to provide the customer with a range of financial components to aid in decision making. Finally, the “next steps” for construction of the CHP system is made for the customer in a detailed, project schedule to illustrate the process.


After the CHP feasibility study has been completed, the customer has all the information they need to make an informed decision that best meets their needs.

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