St. Joseph’s Hospital Cogeneration Plant

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Project Description

St. Joseph’s Hospital Cogeneration Plant, Syracuse, New York


A 4.6MW CHP plant, cleverly tucked above a loading dock, efficiently meets energy needs and solve capacity issues for an upcoming expansion.


Client: St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center

Design-Build Team: Cogen/Bette & Cring

Construction Value: $15 Million

CHP Plant Size: 4.6 MW

Operational: November 2014


Looking to mitigate power capacity issues for an upcoming $220M expansion, Cogen, CHA, and Bette & Cring worked with the hospital to find solutions to meet their power requirements.


Keeping with the hospital’s intent on sustainable development and energy conservation, combined heat and power (CHP) both fits their needs and provides additional benefits. CHP allows St. Joseph’s to generate their own power – improving reliability, lowering costs, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 1,676 tons/year.


The Cogen Team designed a $15 Million system to work in conjunction with the utility that includes a 4.6 MW Gas Turbine, a 45,000 pph Heat Recovery Steam Generator, and a 225 psig gas compressor. To control electricity supply during outages, Cogen will equip the system with a custom Automatic Load Shed System.


Finding an open site that would accommodate the footprint of the plant was problematic. The project team discovered a space tucked beneath a building over existing loading docks, where the plant could be housed.

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