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Nathan Barber – Project Manager

For Nate, power generation is the de facto family business. Growing up in a small town in Western New York, Nate looked up to his Dad, a mechanical engineer in the power industry, and his brother, a power plant operator. His first summer jobs were working around power plants.


After graduating from Clarkson University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and working as a design engineer, Nate’s goal was to get back to a hands-on role at a plant. He became the project manager for a large regional hospital during construction of a new CHP power plant, and subsequently became the plant manager.


Not only does Nate provide a unique perspective as a plant Owner, but he has direct, practical, knowledge of power plant development from construction though O&M. One of the things he enjoys most about this job is the opportunity to “wear many hats” from authoring operations procedural manuals to getting out in the field to work with contractors during installation. When not at work, Nate can often be found on the golf course trying to lower his handicap.