UMass Memorial Medical Center Achieves Substantial Completion

//UMass Memorial Medical Center Achieves Substantial Completion

UMass Memorial Medical Center Achieves Substantial Completion

After breaking ground in June 2017, the UMass Memorial Medical Center (UMMC) cogeneration project achieved Substantial Completion on February 1, 2019.

UMMC a Healthcare Leader in the Community

The effort was based on resiliency as UMMC is a critical care facility that provides health and human services to the local community. It functions as a place of refuge during disastrous events. The hospital qualified for significant incentive/rebate from the utility company, National Grid. Furthermore, the facility is eligible to earn alternative energy credits under the Massachusetts Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard.

CHP Plant Components at UMMC

Once started, the CHP plant benefits the facility in several ways. It is self-sustaining without operator interaction. The controls and load management system ensure continuous and uninterrupted power and thermal availability. A capability that works during normal and loss-of-utility periods. More specifically, the project included: a 2.65 MW GE Jenbacher reciprocating engine and a heat recovery steam generator. Other components are: an exhaust heat-to-hot water heat exchanger, a 360 Ton Thermax absorption chiller, and the appurtenances that support the operation of the CHP plant.

Cogeneration at a glance at UMMC

The mechanism of action for the CHP plant at the hospital can be broken down into several components. First, the engine generator set is sufficiently sized to supply all electrical power requirements. This happens whenever the hospital’s electrical chillers are not operating and typically functions in a load-following mode. Secondly, the combined thermal generating capabilities (steam & hot water) of the CHP exceed 8 MMBtu per hour. This allows cogeneration to serve the heating hot water and domestic hot water systems within the hospital. This capability reduces the operation of the facility’s existing steam boilers. Finally, the absorption chiller offsets the chilled water generation requirements for their existing electrical chiller plant. These cogeneration processes enable the hospital to operate on a more sustainable and dependable power source.

Notable UMMC Project Partners

Project completion was the result of numerous successful Cogen Power Technology partnerships. The companies that were integral to the project included: UMMC, Northeast Energy Systems (CHP supplier), Dagle Electric Corp., NB Kenney (mechanical contractor), Rovisys (system integrator & load management provider), and Siemens.

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