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151,129,963  kWH
as of 2/3/2017
(Burrstone Energy Center - Cogen Owned/Operated)

Turnkey Solutions

Developing an integrated cogeneration system that delivers optimal benefits is a multi-faceted process that requires in-depth knowledge of engineering design, utility integration, environmental issues, construction, and navigating regulatory policies. Cogen can simplify the process.

Cogen Power Technologies works exclusively on cogeneration projects, concentrating our know-how on managing the critical components of these projects. These projects are not simply construction projects but very complex system integration projects.

Integrating the new CHP system into the customer’s existing boiler plant is a complex undertaking and needs to be completed seamlessly so the customer can stay focused on meeting their core business needs.

Our job is to design, build, and commission the CHP project while the customer stays focused on their job.

Cost Elements

The cost of a turnkey cogeneration system is predicated on the specific conditions, criteria, and challenges that each individual project presents. However, there are common elements that are considered in our pricing model.

The major cost elements that are considered include:

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