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151,129,963  kWH
as of 2/3/2017
(Burrstone Energy Center - Cogen Owned/Operated)


Cogen Power Technologies works with organizations from the public and private sector to provide innovative energy solutions that make sense economically and in practice.

What makes a good candidate for a cogeneration system?

Cogeneration systems are viable solutions for clients that are:


Reliable electric power, heating and cooling are “code blue” requirements to the operation of hospitals. Health care providers and patients can rest easier with a cogeneration plant to back-up and support local utility services.


Highly networked campuses with existing central plants are easily adapted to cogenerated electric power and heat. With budgets always in mind, institutions can benefit from affordable solutions that can slash operating costs with environmentally-responsible cogeneration technology.


Clean energy solutions are an ever-increasing consideration for industrial clients who seek strategies for replacing aging and outdated equipment, and meeting tougher environmental regulations. Cogeneration systems provide clean, cost-efficient power that reduces carbon emissions and environmental impacts.

Other Candidates

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