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151,129,963  kWH
as of 2/3/2017
(Burrstone Energy Center - Cogen Owned/Operated)

About Cogen Power Technologies

Cogen Power Technologies was formed as part of the Bette Companies, with Bette & Cring Construction Group, one of Upstate New York’s largest construction companies.

Understanding the irrefutable advantages of cogeneration and recognizing the opportunities, the Bettes brought together a leadership team with a comprehensive understanding of engineering, design, and construction management to provide full-service cogeneration solutions to our clients.


The Bette Companies have been active in green building and sustainable practices for decades. Building an extensive portfolio of work in the Healthcare, Higher Education, and Manufacturing industries, our group found common issues and goals that were prevalent - developing an insight into their power quality issues and collective desire to reduce carbon footprints as well as operating costs. In 2005, Bette & Cring served as a general contractor for a new $30 Million senior housing community that included a cogeneration plant. This project proved to be a springboard for thoughtful consideration of cogenerated power and its application in these issues industries.

Through those experiences, the Bette Companies gained an appreciation for the advantages for cogenerated power as well as a first-hand understanding of the shortcomings in the industry. Finding a shortage of qualified designers, disjointed training for plant operators, and a customer who wasn’t sure how and when to use their CHP plant. It became evident that there was a need for a qualified, full-service provider who could direct the entire process from feasibility studies to "Design-Build-Operate" – and a plan began to take shape.

Through strategic hiring and partnering, the Bette Companies created a business within our family of companies – Cogen Power Technologies – to provide comprehensive cogeneration technology and implementation expertise to the marketplace and fill that void.

Today and Beyond

Today, Cogen Power Technologies has transformed from a company offshoot to an established and growing entity in its own right. Recognized as an authority in planning, developing, and operating cogeneration systems, Cogen has earned a reputation as a leader in the green energy world. At Cogen, it has been our goal to be the leader and innovator in all-inclusive cogeneration services – from project start to finish and beyond. We work towards this goal day-in and day-out.

Along with providing turn-key solutions for clients in the healthcare, college/university, manufacturing, and other industries, Cogen currently owns and operates a cogeneration plant - giving us a unique advantage and expertise in understanding the complexities of the development and implementation process from both sides of the table. In addition, Cogen has developed a state-of-the-art Economic Dispatch System computer program that innovates how customers balance cogenerated power with local utility services to maximize cost and energy efficiency.

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